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Took loads of stick from Brexiteers about
the patronising, insulting tone of the
cartoon. Remainers loved it though, and
its message remains as true today as it was then.
Jonathan Freedland’s splash got us off to a great
start. It was big leap of faith for JF to do this –
sight unseen – and I still owe him one.
After Edition One went on sale, we took
a call which proved very important in
the paper’s success. “Yeah, it’s Alastair
Campbell here. Who the hell are you guys and
what are you trying to do?” Stop Brexit, we said.
Two years later we’re both still trying.
Alastair helped us secure this scoop:
Branson broke into his birthday break
at Necker Island to write it. He kept us
waiting until an hour before we went to press,
but it was worth it. We had meant to stop after
four issues, but across the masthead runs the
words: ‘Not the last edition’. And we’re still here!

Howard Jacobson is one of this
country’s great treasures. It was a big
coup for us to land Howard’s first piece
on the aftermath of Brexit. Design-wise, as ever,
we were trying to stand out. Love the Kraft-werkstyle
illustration for the Tour de France feature.

Jason Walsh’s splash about the march
of the far-right across Europe made
for a striking Nazi propaganda poster-inspired front cover, but the highlight
for me was Pete Paphides’ brilliant essay on
Ah, Bowie. I’m a sucker for him, and
landing exclusive serialisation rights
to Paul Morley’s biography was such a
no-brainer I bought them sight unseen.
Only when I got the transcript did I realise
how idiosyncratic the book was. Brilliant, but a
bugger to do coherent extracts. Worth it though.

Getting Bonnie Greer on board was, and
remains, a coup. She is such a brilliant
talent; I don’t think there’s a more
thoughtful writer on culture and society in the
UK. She is relentlessly supportive of the paper
also, insisting on being called a New European
columnist whenever she’s on telly. We love her.

Interesting looking back at how many of those early front pages relegated Brexit
to a marginal element. The paper has
always been conscious that our biggest
risk is monotony so we try to be broader than
the single issue. Plus our Eurofile section has
become steadily bigger and better.
“Looks like a boiled egg” was one
description of this cover. Hard to
disagree, but it sold very well. Chance
to win beer may have had something to do with
What a line-up! Eddie Izzard, Van
Morrison, Dylan Jones, Bonnie Greer,
Hardeep Singh Kohli, Barbara Ellen. A sure
fire winner at the newsstand, right? Sales of
this issue stank. I blame Izzard’s beret.

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