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Choose any of The New European front covers from the last 100 issues.
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“Why I hate the Daily Mail” by Alastair
Campbell is a rich vein to mine. I think
this made up for the rather lame, but
incredibly laborious, BrexitPower 100 - a list
purporting to be the most 100 influential voices
on Brexit. Sometimes we have taken ourselves a
tad too seriously. Who cares?
And sometimes we take it all too
lightly. Remember the civil servant
walking down Downing Street with a
secret memo in her arm, there for the world to
read? Our response, in my own hand, seemed
like a good idea at the time, but was too fiddly
and obtuse. Not a great cover
This however, is a great cover. Strong
headline, an unmistakeable mop
of shaggy blond hair. No need for
anything else.
Of all our covers, this is the one I’m most proud of. A pastiche of a
Spanish Civil War poster showing
the bombing of Madrid; this dead Syrian toddler
beneath a sky of Russian bombers is incredibly
powerful. A few months later, a suicide bomber
blew up a kids’ concert in Manchester.
Our first Christmas issue! Martin
Rowson’s cartoon is sublime (I bought
the original from him; it hangs in my
office). We wondered if anyone would
really want to read about Brexit over the festive
period, but they did. This issue was a top seller.

Lousy cover and a real shame,
because AC Grayling’s piece inside
was a quite superb essay on the
idiocy of Brexit. But the design is too
complex and visually offensive to attract any
wandering eyes at the newsstand.
This was also contentious. Many of our readers are
hardcore Corbyn supporters, but it’s problematic for
us as his position on Brexit is so bloody woolly.
Michael White, our brilliant political editor, has
always provided a balanced commentary that
sometimes saves us going too far over the top.

We nicked this from social media (although I should
hastily add we remade it as we could not track
down the originator and didn’t want
to infringe any copyright). But it’s such a clever
idea, I couldn’t help myself.
Nice design from Jamie Bolton; one
of the procession of designers who
arrive at The New European and then
inevitably leave, burnt out a short while later.

“The House of Commons has
become the House of Hypocrisy…”
In hindsight we were early off the
blocks with this. The situation has got worse and
worse ever since.


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