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Choose any of The New European front covers from the last 100 issues.
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I worried about this (a concept by
Adbusters in Canada) but ‘sod it… it
made me laugh’. Some know nothing
about us except we “stuck a Hitler moustache on
Trump.” A barcode, actually. But yeah
Inspired by that scene in Schindler’s
List, where a girl in a red dress roams
the ghetto, lifting out the colour of
this boy walking through border police, made a
superb photograph even more poignant.

My Problem With Piers could have
been penned by millions. This was
Bonnie Greer. Piers responded and
made it a publicity coup. Making noise is half the
job of an editor. Not sure what the other half is.

Not our prettiest cover; too fussy and
hard to read. But the mash-up of Paul
Dacre and Piers Morgan at the top
still amuses me.
Treating Theresa May as a stand-in
for Marlon Brando perhaps does her
too much credit, but this film poster
pastiche was fun to do. Our awards were flagged
up at the bottom in true film festival style.

Tim Bradford’s cartoon style is
unique, and its comic strip style
masks a brutal, dark humour. Getting
him to tell the story of Brexit to date was a joy.
We sold out of his signed copies of this front.

Gary Barker, meanwhile, has become
a cover-artist staple of The New
European. His style is so distinct,
and he usually pulls off a winning recipe: Simple
message, distinct presentation, biting twist.

This sold really well. Combination
of a great illustration capturing
the sense of battle to come, and a
message of hope at the top – “The will of the
British people may change yet.” And it may.

Presenting Tebbit, Howard, Lawson
and Duncan-Smith as putrefying
zombies was one of the simpler tasks
we have set our Photoshop experts at New
European towers.
This caused no end of (delightful)
trouble. I was on holiday in Florida
when we published and had to
defend it on Radio 4 while waiting for my kids
to come off a Transformers ride at Universal
Studios. One of the more surreal days.

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