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This is up there with the best covers
we’ve done. Gary Barker’s Jaws
poster, with the speech bubble from
Theresa May saying “We’re gonna need a bigger
majority” is unimprovable.

Remember when Marine Le Pen was
being taken seriously as a threat to
European peace? So do we. Also
this week, a leader inspired by a personal hero,
Robert M Pirsig, author of Zen and the Art of
Motorcycle Maintenance. The quote at the top is
still pertinent today.

Harry Leslie Smith is a Second World
War veteran and a hater of Brexit.
His incredibly moving piece was
illustrated by an updated version of legendary
Daily Mirror cartoonist Zec’s most famous cover.
Powerful stuff.
Finally, dead and buried, UKIP. Not
before infecting the country with a
contagious disease from which we
are still ridding ourselves. The toe-tag reads
‘Smothered By Theresa May’ in recognition of
her adoption of far-right messaging to win their

Another great Gary Barker image,
but who do those nicotine-stained
graveyard gnashers belong to? Step
forward Mr Farage. The dentist will see you now.
The Manchester Bombing. What can
you do except try to be respectful
and capture the awful sadness of
the event? Twenty-two pink balloons, escaping
from the grasp of a tiny girl, and a moving piece
by Bonnie Greer on the everlasting spirit of our
I was sure the headline Mayday must
have been used before, but a search
produced nothing. Perhaps it was so
obvious, nobody had bothered? But this stark
presentation summed up a premiership in crisis.
My favourite cover. We had planned to say “Bloody Id10ts” - plural – to
describe voters who had given May
her expected landslide. By the morning (we
went to press at 9am) it was directed at one
person; the bloody idiot who lost her majority
after taking the public for granted.
We originally wanted to do this as a
Photoshop job with the real Brexit
bus, and then discovered finding a
photo where you could get the right perspective
was impossible. Gary did a great job for us

Perhaps our most wishful (you could
say deluded) cover. The answer to
the question posed has turned out
to be a resounding no. Love the Gary Barker
homage to Roy Lichtenstein all the same.


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