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This Chris Barker illustration took my breath away.
It is a stark cover and so contentious, but I didn’t hesitate to
use it. Anything that stops you in your tracks and
makes you think is a positive in journalism. Our
readers are smart enough to decide if austerity
was a factor in the Grenfell disaster.

Our very last edition as a Berliner- size newspaper. The Guardian, who
printed the original TNEs) had
decided to go tabloid, so we decided to go first
and turn to tabloid. Wish we’d done it from the
A world exclusive by Garry Kasparov,
arranged by his mate Alastair
Campbell, and a devastatingly good
magazine cover from Chris Barker got our
tabloid existence off to a great start. Great sales,

I love the lines from the film La Haine
about social collapse in Paris: A
man falls from a skyscraper, and as
he passes each floor he says to himself: “So far
so good, so far so good…” It seemed a perfect
metaphor for Brexit and Gary Barker nailed it.

“DUMBKIRK.. Britain’s chaotic
retreat from Europe” gave our
detractors plenty of ammo to bash
us with. Insulting British war dead,
they said. Taking the piss out of our national
incompetence, we said.
I’d seen this photo in the New York
Times magazine years ago, and had
been looking to rip it off ever since.
Chlorinated chicken was the excuse. Chris Barker
came up with the headline. Very clever cover.
Too clever - sold badly. Raw chicken off-putting?
Gary Barker came up with this, and
we loved it so much we discarded our
Brexit-themed cover. Again, a load of lame,
half-hearted criticism on social media
about crudeness and too much levity. All good
indications we’d struck home.

What can I say? It was a quiet week.
Hate this cover. Next
Return to form; simple idea, great
illustration and a good seller. Our
readers love a good Boris kicking.

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