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With apologies to David Bailey,
turning Messrs Gove and Johnson
into a pastiche of the Kray twins was in
hindsight a mistake. We made them look
much cooler than they actually are.
Possibly our corniest headline to date?
But we were on the money with our
report into possible Russian influence
in the Brexit process.
The week’s story was the redaction of
a report into the economic impact of
Brexit. Our redacted front page was a
last-minute idea, but did the job nicely.
Another Tim Bradford special update
on How Is Brexit Going So Far? Not
well is the conclusion. We really
should make these into tea towels.
One for the older readers… Rees- Mogg
and David Davis as Laurel and Hardy.
Our second bumper Christmas Special.
When we did this we wondered whether
anyone would want to taint the festive season
with reading about Brexit, but this issue sold
very well. Chris Barker’s Make Christmas Great
Again turkey cover was inspired.
Too clever (the headline is trying
a bit too hard) and too wrong: This
cover suggesting that Len McCluskey
may hold the key to convincing Corbyn
to act against Brexit has not aged
particularly well.
There’s nothing Chris Barker enjoys
more than finding a compelling way
to illustrate the bizarre world of
Donald Trump. This was a terrific seller.
Rubbish front page. Everything wrong:
Headline too obtuse and dependent on
the subhead to make sense (bad idea)
and the illustration is too fiddly and requires
the reader to spend ten seconds working it out.
Never going to happen. Sales stank.
The original cover was based around
the Jacob’s Crackers illustration that
ended up on the top. We ditched it
for a late exclusive from David Miliband about
Jeremy Corbyn. It was a good read, but I fear we
should have stuck with Plan A. Not a great seller.

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