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This is actually a wraparound cover;
ranged against the PM in Full Metal
Jacket helmet was the rest of the
Cabinet. The only criticism this drew
was the use of pink lipsticks instead
of bullets in Theresa May’s helmet.
Not her shade, said some sticklers.
I am told this front page adorns
several message boards in MPs’
offices in Westminster. And not just
Labour MPs either. With apologies
to the Saatchi brother’s original attack
on Tony Blair.
One of the occasions we decided
to tackle a serious topic outside of
Brexit. I’m not sure this cover works
as well as we’d hoped. Some people
seemed to think we were suggesting
the #metoo movement was a betrayal
of some sort. Not our intention.
This illustration of Jeremy Corbyn
slowly drowning in the sands of
Brexit really marked our despair at
the Labour leader’s refusal to present
a real alternative to the Tory Brexit
This was a return to form. We had
massive distribution issues with the
actual Beast from the East snowstorm.
One driver of a lorry load of TNEs had to
spend a cold night on the hard shoulder
of an unpassable motorway. Despite that,
sales soared. We did, however, get some
hate mail for portraying Putin as a Soviet-style
Red. Boo hoo.
A great illustration, and a decent
headline. But this was never going to
be a top seller – sometimes covering
important issues, even though you know it’s not
going to be a circulation winner, is part of the
A front page about Facebook and a
strong seller, showing that we can
stray from our core issue from time
to time. The same week, The Economist did a
cover with the Facebook logo forming the word
Fail. Ours was better. But I’d swap it for their
sales, any day.
It didn’t occur to us that this would
be confusing, but so many people
said that our cover suggested that the
real Jeremy Corbyn was in fact Jeremy
Corbyn seems like a fair criticism. We
should have done it with Theresa May.
There’s still time…
We did a special bumper Easter
edition and Chris Barker’s egg basket
was perfect. Funny and tragic at the same
More Boris bashing. You really can’t
have enough.

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