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Choose any of The New European front covers from the last 100 issues.
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This was such a clever illustration,
but the headline is lame and the
cover didn’t really gel as intended.
Consequence? A let-down on sales
We had originally planned a cover on
Howard Goodall’s essay on Brexit and
the arts, but Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
filed such a powerful piece on the Windrush
scandal that I felt it had to be the cover. We
asked Twitter to decide. The verdict was
convincing. Ten to one for Cruel Britannia.
Gary Barker did such a great job with
this. I worry sometimes that we’re
being cruel to Theresa May in the
way we portray her. And then I remember how
badly she’s f***ing up the country and decide to
go for it.
Boris is convincing as Marlon
Brando’s Godfather, but is that a
white cat with Jacob Rees-Mogg’s
head on it, or a sheep? Over to you,
the jury…

We’ve sold hundreds of these mugs
on the back of this cover. But that
was never the plan. It wasn’t until readers
started emailing asking where they could
buy them that we decided to get some
made. If you want one, you can get them
at TheNew European shop online.

Gary Barker reprised his bestselling cover for this
cover with the suggestion that another snap
election may be in the offing. It is a take off of the
Jaws 2 poster. But you knew that anyway, didn’t

In January, I had a massive Twitter
spat with feminist activist Caroline Criado
Perez about female representation on the cover of
TNE. OK, I told her. If you’re so bloody clever, you
edit the paper. She did. And she did it brilliantly.
This special edition, The New Feminist, is something
we are immensely proud of.
We deliberately avoided taking a firm
position on the way we thought the
calamity of Brexit should be avoided.
But no more. Westminster has demonstrated
how unlikely it is that they will do right by the
country. So time for a People’s Vote.
It’s the World Cup! So it had to be a football theme.
This England 1966 pastiche is, I think, quite brilliant.
Especially the two-fingered salute from Theresa
May in place of the Jules Rimet trophy. This
edition also included a scalding assessment of
Alastair Campbell’s bête noir Paul Dacre. Will
TNE outlive Dacre’s Mail? Wouldn’t that be nice?
Our 100th cover. Theresa May has shown herself
to be a leader of low integrity. It’s such a shame.
She came to office promising so much and has
delivered so little. One day we will look back at
these first drafts of history and wonder how the
country let her get away with it.


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