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Really proud of this cover. For a little
upstart newspaper, attacking the
Fleet Street big boys in such a brazen
fashion is always a bit of a gulp. But Liz Gerard’s
research into media is so meticulous, objective
and undeniable we have come to enjoy it.

Terrible front. My bad. We were
clueless on press day and I saw a
McDonalds billboard using the same
google autofill idea. But it’s a dog’s dinner.
Simon Barnes’ piece on migrating swallows – an
immigration analogy – was beautiful.
A welcome return to form. This
cover won us some hard-earned free
publicity. The news lines – taken from
Alastair’s latest diaries – were repeated across
the rest of the Press, and the bold design did
well at the newsstand.

This was the first time we did a big
front page opinion piece. We don’t
carry traditional leaders every week
as, frankly, they bore the pants off me. But every
so often, we get angry enough to really go for
it. We always get a great response from our
readers who feel the heat of our frustration.

Another pop at the Daily Mail,
something we really have trouble
restraining ourselves from. Plus the
first appearance of our red buses - they featured
every week hence, emblazoned with the latest
Brexit reality.
This was a great seller. Trouble is,
I have no real idea why. Was it the
juxtaposition of Farage and Trump?
The wit of Neil Kerber’s cartoon? Keir Starmer’s
promise to oppose the government (haha). I
suspect it was much to do with all the red at the
top. Stands out well; catches the eye.

Now, this one was a genuine, copper-bottomed ocean-going scoop.
Tony Blair’s first big intervention in the
Brexit debacle. It made headlines the world
over and gave us a huge lift in awareness. Did it
sell? No. This cover is our worst-ever circulation
performer. Lesson: Tony Blair don’t sell papers.

With half an hour to go to press time,
the news the courts had backed Gina
Miller’s case Article 50 could not be
railroaded through parliament hit the wires. We
went with an old-fashioned Extra Extra! and the
word BOOM! Maybe it looks a little hysterical
now, but it captured the moment. Sold well too.
Trump’s election. I remembered the
Lou Reed line “the Statue of Bigotry”.
So we stole that and gave the lady a
photoshopped middle finger. It was entered for
Front Page of The Year, but rejected as a judge
said the finger was lost in the masthead. Maybe
she had a point. Still… I love this cover.
Martin Rowson is a cartoonist of
genius. We loved this cartoon so
much we decided to commission an
article to go with it and splashed it across page

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