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Chris Barker had this up his sleeve for
a while, and since Theresa May had
been having a typically tough week,
I put the Alien headline against it: In
Europe No-One Can Hear You Scream.
Totally dissonant ideas, but they seemed
to work well together.
Did the Alien reference from last
week trigger something with Gary
Barker? His image of May bursting
through Britannia’s guts certainly
had impact. We also serialised Alastair’s
remarkably frank account of his mental
breakdown. The work he does to break
the taboo of mental illness is nothing short
of brilliant.
“We’re all heading in the same
direction” was a direct quote from
Theresa May, so we tried a Private
Eye-style speech bubble treatment and
learned a lesson in sales that week:
Don’t try to out Private Eye Private Eye.
AC Grayling has been a brilliant
contributor for us. Indeed his piece
in this issue is one of many he
sends on spec, always with the
courteous note “would you be kind
enough to publish this?”.We absolutely
delight in publishing him; it’s a privilege
to have someone of his  enormous
brainpower making the case against
Brexit on our pages.
More Boris bashing. We really should
come off the fence some time. What
a state of affairs though, when you
can print a front page like that about
your foreign secretary without a scintilla
of concern he may be able to sue.
Because it’s all true.
Silly us; we thought Theresa May
would actually make a choice at some
stage, rather than just tell everyone
who asked whatever it was the wanted
to hear. Leadership, Brexit-style.
Another Gary Barker winner. We
have discovered that any cover
with the word Brexit in a large
headline or illustration tends to sell
Our Halloween cut-out masks were
almost too scary. Bizarre how well
Farage suited the Frankenstein
treatment and Jacob Rees-Mogg
as Count Dracula. But who else could
be the bloated orange pumpkin?
Happy Halloween Mr President.
Railing against the tyranny of the
right wing Brexit press has become
something of a theme. I love this
rendition of the (then) editors of The
Express, Mail and Sun sitting in a
McCarthy-esque committee. I’m told
Paul Dacre admired it too, which
rather spoiled the moment.
Well, we never said which Christmas.

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